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The Green Guru

Written by admin on . Posted in Family, Lifestyle, News West Side Spirit, On Topic OTDT, Our Town, Our Town Downtown, West Side Spirit by Paula Balzer How organic living expert and NYC mom Alexandra Zissu keeps her loft clean, cozy and eco-friendly Eco expert and author Alexandra Zissu’s West Village loft that she shares with her 6-year-old daughter Aili and her partner Olli Chanoff lets off a cozy air amidst its über-green ambitions. The walls are painted in soothing, muted shades, a mix [&hellip
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Notes from the Neighborhood

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Ahigial Lee Zhou plays chess at the P.S. 6 Chess Tournament 2012 on March 11. Compiled by Megan Bungeroth and Grace Ragi HOSPITAL APPOINTS LGBT HEALTH LEADER Beth Israel Medical Center announced this week the appointment of nationally recognized LGBT health expert Barbara E.Warren, PsyD, as director of its newly established LGBT Health Services program. Warren will work to develop partnerships between the hospital and local LGBT organizations and continue [&hellip
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CB7 Gives Big Boxes the Boot

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Elizabeth Kellner speaks at the Community Board 7 meeting. Last Tuesday night, dozens of supporters and a fair number of detractors showed up at Community Board 7’s meeting to express their views on the proposed retail rezoning initiative for the Upper West Side. The proposal from the City Planning Commission would limit storefront widths along certain sections of Broadway and Amsterdam and Columbus avenues [&hellip
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Cleaning House with Michael Moeller

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We pick the brain of the East Village-based designer on his show helping New Yorkers declutter their homes    By Marissa Maier Michael Moeller co-hosts The Style Network’s Clean House New York, which debuted in October. In an episode that aired this week, Moeller and his partner in design, Nina Ferrer, helped West Village resident [&hellip
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Haunted Ground

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The superlative ghostly hangouts of Downtown Manhattan By Annie Lubin Most (Proven) Haunted Place: Merchant’s House Museum The Merchant’s House Museum is the oldest New York City home to have survived virtually intact. Built in 1832 and occupied by the same family for 100 years, the house would be interesting if only because it’s a [&hellip
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Notable New Yorkers Reveal Their Sacred City Spots

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By Emily Thomas “Curiouser and curiouser!” cried Alice in the classic children’s story by Lewis Carroll. The well-known phrase became an adage for 9-year-old Jeryl Brunner when she wandered into Central Park and discovered the sculpture of Alice atop a bronze mushroom reaching for the White Rabbit’s pocketwatch. “I remember looking at the statue and [&hellip
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The Grey Dog Moves Out

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Owners say lease disputes force the doors to shut at neighborhood café By Mccamey Lynn The Grey Dog, a fixture of the West Village coffeehouse scene for over a decade, will be closing its doors on Sunday, Oct. 16. Lease disputes with their landlord have forced brothers David Ethan and Peter Adrian to pack up [&hellip
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