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Classroom’s End

Written by Paul Bisceglio on . Posted in News West Side Spirit, West Side Spirit

IS A PUBLIC HIGH SCHOOL BEING SHOVED OUT OF THE BRANDEIS COMPLEX TO MAKE ROOM FOR A GROWING CHARTER SCHOOL? Innovation Diploma Plus (IDP) is a high school designed to give students a second chance. A “transfer school,” it accepts people under-credited and over-aged—typically 18 years or older—who had a rough time in their original [&hellip
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New Yorkers Fight for Restoration of Bus Lines in Brooklyn and Washington Heights

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  By Mayara Guimaraes This morning, dozens of people, including subway riders, elected officials, and representatives of transportation unions, lobbied the MTA at a board meeting to restores several lines of bus service around the City, which were cut in 2010. Almost two years ago, the MTA decided to cut the bus lines B61, B77, [&hellip
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8 Million Stories: When a man loves a bike

Written by NY Press on . Posted in Bike Show

By Adam Garrett-Clark You don’t know me, and you don’t know my bike, but the story of my bike and me is too beautiful not to be told. It’s a story of defying expert advice, of loyalty to inanimate steel and of creating my own personal mythology. It was probably once blood was drawn and [&hellip
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