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Armond White’s Mid-Year Awards

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Carole Bouquet and André Dussollier in Unforgivable. 2012’s best so far and Sarris remembered This year, I want to do the Mid-Year Reckoning differently, as a tribute to film critic Andrew Sarris’ recent passing. It was Sarris, during my grad school years at Columbia, who wisely advised that the percentage of good movies has not changed from the old days; now that [&hellip
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Occupied Comedy: Marino waxes, Rudd wanes in ‘Wanderlust’

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Wanderlust starts with an idea borrowed from Albert Brooks’ 1986 Lost in America—a yuppie couple responds to career setbacks by embarking on a cross-country journey that tests their mettle. Here, George (Paul Rudd) and Linda (Jennifer Aniston) leave their tiny, expensive Manhattan studio apartment and fall in among a collective of retrograde slackers in an [&hellip
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