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Now Take Them Out, Devils: The Marriage of Music & Narrative in the Video Game Bastion

Written by Simon Lazarus Vasta on . Posted in Arts & Film, Music

Recently, when I’m not performing diligent research, sifting through a hard drive’s worth of mp3s, resting my chin in my hands contemplatively and having deep deep thoughts about pop songs for you lovely people, I’ve been playing a video game called  Bastion. It’s a really fun game, but more importantly, it’s a genuinely moving experience. If [&hellip
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What A Video Game Says About a Culture: Review of Binary

Written by City Arts on . Posted in Arts & Film

BinaryDomain2 By Steve Haske Criminally overlooked in retail despite its unique qualities, Binary is in many ways similar to Blade Runner: in the future, cybernetic technology is so advanced that it becomes possible to create robots that are indistinguishable from humans. After a U.S. attack by a so-called “hollow child,” an international spec-ops team is sent to [&hellip
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Searching for Downtown Prodigies: The New, Fresh Face of Gaming

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By Beth Mellow Unlike his peers, Xavier High School sophomore Demetri Sofides doesn’t just play video games on his computer—he designs award-winning versions of them. In 2010, Sofides was one of 13 winners from around the world of “The Game Changers,” a digital media and learning competition co-sponsored by video game publisher Electronic Arts and [&hellip
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Mommies Join the ‘Bad Girl’ Club

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Bad girls have always enjoyed a certain cachet. They’re wild and fun, dress provocatively and act with damn-the-consequences abandon. And now it seems mommies have gotten into the act. Currently, it is cool to be a “bad mother.” Fifteen years ago when my first child was born, the Manhattan mommy bar was set at perfection. [&hellip
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