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Up with Tutus

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Up-With-Tutus600 Ballet music—one man’s evolution The older I get, the smarter, wiser and more talented Verdi becomes. Funny how it works that way. When I was about 15, Verdi was basically a purveyor of corny tunes accompanied by oompah-pah. How had he managed to compose that masterly requiem, amid those silly operas? These days, I stand [&hellip
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A Heartbreaking Rigoletto

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Verdi’s Triumph On Screen By Judy Gelman Myers In 1832, French authorities shut down Victor Hugo’s play Le Roi S’amuse—a portrait of absolute power gone dissolutely amok, set in the court of Francis I—the day after it opened. Composer Giuseppe Verdi, however, was so taken with the work that he used it as the basis [&hellip
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