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Sweet Tooth Paradise

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By Laura Shanahan Sweets for the sweet – especially since it is/was Valentine’s Day, or Valentine’s Week. Like we need a reason to sugar up—right? (Cue maniacal laughter.) Well, whether it’s to get a last-minute or belated holiday gift, or it’s because nothing less than swigging a nearly 8-pound jug of Hershey’s chocolate syrup will [&hellip
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Lady Smarts: A Valentine’s Day Tale

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Two apartments, both alike in furniture from Ikea… We all come to Valentine’s Day with baggage—and not just the red, heart-shaped kind that’s full of chocolates. In honor of the holiday of lurve, I thought I would tell my favorite modern love story. Our story begins with two unlikely lovers, pushed together by fate—and one [&hellip
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How to Have an Offbeat Valentine’s Day

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Shun the conventional dates this Feb. 14 Whether you’ve been with your significant other for a while or you’re spending Valentine’s Day with someone you just met on the train—or even if you’re single but ready to mingle—you don’t want to go on the same old boring dates year after year. If you’re into committing [&hellip
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Think Outside the Chocolate Box

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By Sharon Feiereisen While you might be hard-pressed to find a gal who wouldn’t delight over some red roses and Neuhaus chocolates, this Valentine’s Day, why not go beyond the lovey-dovey standards and give her—or him—something they’ll truly never forget. Vice Merchants Sheet Sets $99-$235. Available at the Museum of Sex (233 Fifth Ave.) Frette-quality, [&hellip
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Just Say No to the Valentine’s Day Prix Fixe

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552px-Valentines_Candy Celebrate sincerely with a meal that has meaning for you Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark sham, a manufactured non-holiday dreamed up in a craven bid to sell out-of-season roses in the middle of the long, dark winter. Singles hold this trope up like a string of garlic [&hellip
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Love Blooms Downtown

Written by Marissa Maier on . Posted in Uncategorized

By Marissa Maier A Wedding of Hope When Diamond Jones and Michael Thomas were married on Sept. 9, 2011, one might say that their wedding was a little unorthodox. They did get married in a 19th-century chapel, and hundreds of guests bedecked in their finest watched as Diamond, in her wedding gown, glided down the [&hellip
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The Beat of a New York Heart

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Every good love story deserves a soundtrack; here’s one tailor-made for New York City with blissful beginnings and happy endings. PJ Harvey, “Good Fortune” Taken from her New York-inspired album, Stories from the City, Stories from the Sea, Harvey practically gushes while name-checking Chinatown and Little Italy as unanticipated places of romantic discovery. Maxwell, “Gotta [&hellip
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Match Made in Brooklyn

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At a party I did not want to go to, in a borough I had never desired to visit, I met my husband. “It’s in Brooklyn,” said my friend, who, like me, lived in the Bronx. My response: “Enjoy.” She then explained that a mutual friend was invited by one of his law school classmates, [&hellip
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