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District Commission Hears Public’s Opinions on Manhattan Divisions

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By Paul Bisceglio Reunite Greenwich Village, and unite Chinatown and the Lower East Side. These were downtown Manhattanites’ two most common requests in the Districting Commission’s public hearing at New York Law School last week. This first of five hearings, one per borough, gathered public opinion on the upcoming revision of the city’s 51 City [&hellip
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MTA Apologizes for Upper East Side Explosion

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Yesterday afternoon, what was supposed to be a controlled blast underground blew rocks and debris in the street on East 72nd Street and Second Avenue, terrifying residents and damaging a storefront. The explosion occurred as part of the Second Avenue Subway construction, and today MTA officials said that they’re putting a moratorium on all work [&hellip
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Crime Watch

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CrimeWatch Grape Stomp Two perps were strolling down the 1700 block of First Avenue on Tuesday, Aug. 21, when they decided to grab some grapes from a stand. The duo grabbed the person working the produce stand by his shirt and punched him repeatedly in the face, causing him to have a black eye. They then [&hellip
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R.I.P. Sponge Bob, New York’s Favorite Fat Cat

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The late spongebob with his adopted parents. “Goodbye Sweet Boy.” Matt and Courtney Farrell announced on that Sponge Bob, their recently adopted 33-turned-26 pound tabby, had to be put down this week. He had fits of breathing trouble, the newlywed couple wrote, so they took him to an emergency veterinarian, who found a growing mass in the nine-year-old cat’s chest that [&hellip
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Residents Vow to Continue Fight Against Garbage Dump

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DumpTheDump-GirlStandingAndSigns Residents of Yorkville who have been fighting against a garbage-dumping site in their backyard have been dealt a heavy blow in a form of a federal permit. A few weeks ago, Mayor Michael Bloomberg revealed that the city had received the permits from the Army Corps of Engineers that it needs to move forward with [&hellip
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Does Olympic Season Make New Yorkers Exercise More?

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By Alissa Fleck Tons of people worldwide tune in to watch the Olympic games, and many are moved by the spirit of intense physical exertion and success. But how does it actually affect people, in ways they may or may not register? A few New Yorkers cite their own experiences. Sean Kelleher, a managing partner [&hellip
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The Wild Woman of East 77th Street

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homeless2 By Amanda Woods Nikki Henkin stood in front of her apartment on East 77th Street, between Lexington and Third avenues, holding up a flip camera to capture a video of Susan (not her real name), a neighborhood homeless woman who screams wildly, coughs repeatedly and deliberately spits on passersby. Pedestrians in Susan’s path clear sidewalks, [&hellip
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