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Notes from the Neighborhood

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Ahigial Lee Zhou plays chess at the P.S. 6 Chess Tournament 2012 on March 11. Compiled by Megan Bungeroth and Grace Ragi HOSPITAL APPOINTS LGBT HEALTH LEADER Beth Israel Medical Center announced this week the appointment of nationally recognized LGBT health expert Barbara E.Warren, PsyD, as director of its newly established LGBT Health Services program. Warren will work to develop partnerships between the hospital and local LGBT organizations and continue [&hellip
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Redistricting Plan a Game of Mirrors

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Liz Krueger, Senator- D (NY) “Only a nonpartisan solution accurately reflects the voting publc,” – Liz Krueger by Liz Krueger Two years ago, I committed to vote against any redistricting plan unless it was developed through a nonpartisan redistricting process. I stand by that commitment, and not just because our current process is flawed. Not surprisingly, both houses’ majority parties [&hellip
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Scamming Seniors: How sharks in the water are targeting older Upper East & West Siders

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old New York is a city with a booming elderly population—there are over 3.4 million people over the age of 65 living here. With that aging population come the predators who single out older victims for their nefarious swindles. In an age of small-time Internet scams and big-time Ponzi schemes, everyone is a potential victim of [&hellip
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Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day on the UES

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There are plenty of Upper East Side watering holes where you can hoist a pint in honor of St. Patrick’s Day. We’ve gathered together some of the best neighborhood specials and checked out some on the other side of the park for Saturday’s celebration. Mad River Bar & Grille 1442 3rd Ave. (betw. 81st & [&hellip
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East Side Author Envisions Rise of Female President

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Miles David and his wife Florence in their Upper East Side apartment. Miles David is by no means an ordinary writer. A resident of the Upper East Side, David has recently completed Saving the President, a novel about Margaret Massey, a fictional U.S. president who takes the reins of the country during a period that oddly parallels the current Obama administration. Massey faces some issues that are [&hellip
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East Sider Heals Through Art

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Eliette Markhbein, an artist who lives on the Upper East Side, suffered a traumatic brain injury (TBI) in 2004 that changed her life. A speeding car rear-ended her vehicle, leaving her with frontal lobe damage and spinal injuries. During her rehabilitation at Mt. Sinai, Markhbein turned to painting to deal with her intense pain. Not [&hellip
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UES Council Members Eye Higher Offices

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FE-Dan Garodnick(as) The Upper East Side appears to be a perfect incubator for ambitious young politicians seeking to move up the ranks of New York City politics. Both City Council members Jessica Lappin, representing Roosevelt Island and the eastern portion of the neighborhood, and Dan Garodnick, who represents the western portion bordering Central Park and south to [&hellip
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Recapping the CW’s Ringer: Episode 7

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After a week off, Ringer is back with an increasingly complex band. The police are still looking for Gemma and since they found Bridget’s fingerprint on some evidence they ask to question Siobhan (who is actually Bridget). Soon after Gemma’s disappearance, Bridget told both her “husband” and Gemma’s husband, Henry, that she has a twin [&hellip
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Recapping The CW’s Ringer: Episode 5

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This week’s episode picks up the day after episode four ended. Siobhan, her husband Andrew and  her ex-lover/ best friend’s husband Henry are on their way back to the city from the Hamptons. We learn that Gemma, Siobhan’s best friend, left early after finding out that Siobhan and Henry were having an affair. While Bridget [&hellip
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