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Jigsaw-Puzzle Japanese

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Dining_Courtesy of Ootoya A great meal comes in many shapes and sizes at Ootoya When the Tokyo chain sometimes called the Denny’s of Japan for its sheer ubiquity (somewhat unfairly, as what, then, are we supposed to call the many Dennyses—yes, the Denny’s—that also thrive there?) announced it was opening its first U.S. branch on a side street [&hellip
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The Protagonist: Surprises of the Literary World

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

Literature never fails to surprise its readers, which is why The Protagonist has compiled this list of succulent “did’ja knows” of the world of word. Hopefully at least a couple of these hilarious, erotic and/or gruesome tidbits come as newfound knowledge to our readers: –Arnold Schwarzenegger has a memoir titled Total Recall –There is legitimately [&hellip
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Winter Guide: Eats and Drinks

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Wafels & Dinges Best Hot Chocolate Champurrado at Tulcingo del Valle (665 10th Ave.) If you’ve not already been converted to the Mexican version of every kid’s favorite snow-day drink that adds a grownup level of spicy complexity to the sweet treat, stop reading now and catch up to the rest of us. Done? Good. Now take it to [&hellip
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Free Vibrators Shut Down by City Hall Yesterday, Back in Action Today

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trojan-condoms By Paul Bisceglio   Downtown was buzzing with excitement yesterday for the prospect of free vibrators. Trojan announced that it would be distributing 10,000 Tri-Phoria and The Pulse devices — $40 and $30 retail values, respectively! — from two hot dog carts in different neighborhoods throughout the day, so New Yorkers lined the streets of [&hellip
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NYPD’s Night Out Against Crime Enormously Underwhelming, Placates People with Free Things

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in Blog, NY Press Exclusive, Opinion and Column, Our Town Downtown, Uncategorized

The NYPD’s Night Out Against Crime in Union Square last night promised a “neighborhood block party,” but a party, it failed to deliver. The annual event, celebrated by police precincts nationwide to “strengthen neighborhood spirit and heighten drug and crime prevention awareness,” was entirely overwhelmed by ordinary Union Square traffic, and no one—the NYPD least [&hellip
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Public Zip-Lining in Foley Square for Two Weekends this August

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We warned you it was coming—zip lining has officially hit Foley Square for the next two weekends of August. For the NY DOT’s ongoing Summer Streets event, the organization is running a zip line in Foley Square, which is open for public enjoyment. There are other events as well, in celebration of New Yorkers reclaiming [&hellip
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At Union Square, Fans Lined for Dark Knight Rises Midnight Showing

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dark-knight-rises6 By Paul Bisceglio It wasn’t the line New York deserved, but the one it had to wait in last night to see Batman. Movie nerds, comic book nerds and their reluctant significant others alike lined 13th Street at Union Square’s Regal Stadium 14 yesterday for the opening of The Dark Knight Rises, the highly anticipated [&hellip
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Scout Willis’s Pesky Public Drinking Misdemeanor Defense: “That Beer Doesn’t Exist”

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Lifestyle

Remember last month when 20-year-old Scout Willis was busted drinking Pakistani “beer” in a Union Square subway station, then fanned the flame by presenting cops with a fake ID? Willis is now fighting the public drinking misdemeanor with everything she’s got, reports the NY Post.  Willis claims Pakistani beer—such that it was described in the [&hellip
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A Look at Some of Manhattan’s Urgent Care Centers

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by Amanda Woods “In the past, the emergency room was your only option for receiving care for any minor or not-so-minor injury,” said Mark Melrose, D.O., co-founder of Urgent Care Manhattan on the Upper West Side. “The ER was the only game in town.” Today, about 40 percent of visits to hospital emergency departments are for nonurgent or semi-urgent problems, [&hellip
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