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New McCarren Park Pool Having Problems With Fighting, Thievery

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The park prior to renovations - photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons Fight and thieves bringing negative reactions to the newly-renovated pool The newly reopened McCarren Park Pool is having a few problems more severe than the occasional toddler screaming. The park, amidst an array of criminal problems, was shut down for the second time since its $50 million opening last Thursday, The Huffington Postreports. After a [&hellip
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Art Adverts Start a New Wave

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by Greg Solman Advertising strategies gearing up for next season take art out the wilderness. CityArts surveys the new media tacticians who bring Broadway shows, museums and other art venues to popular attention. Art and its patrons all benefit from millennial art advertising’s new tactical strategies. Part 1 of a two-part series. New Yorkers with [&hellip
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Conversation with The Onion’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Randazzo

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After four years as editor in chief of The Onion, comedian Joe Randazzo is leaving the paper, and America’s self-proclaimed “finest news source” is relocating its offices from New York to Chicago. City & State editor Morgan Pehme talks with Randazzo about his tenure at the helm of the popular satiric publication and asks him [&hellip
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Monica Crowley vs. Sandra Fluke: No sex for lesbians?

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By Rachel Khona When most people get engaged, it’s met with rounds of congratulatory remarks, hugs, and champagne. However when pro-birth control activist Sandra Fluke announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Adam Mutterperl, conservative Fox News (shocker!) pundit Monica Crowley made like a 16-year-old and took to her Twitter account to react the news “To [&hellip
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Twitter, the Urban Front Porch

Written by Josh Rogers on . Posted in Editorial, On Topic OTDT, Opinion and Column, Opinion Our Town, Opinion West Side Spirit, Our Town

Maybe Twitter is turning New York City into a bunch of Small Town USAs. The thought popped into my head not long after my wife started looking out the window at the helicopter circling our Chelsea neighborhood Monday night. The chopper kept shining a light on a few buildings near 24th Street and Seventh Avenue. [&hellip
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