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The Protagonist on “Twitterature”: Will Twitter Feeds Shape the Future of Storytelling?

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With less premeditation, impulse control and editing than a novel or essay, and more raw emotion, doesn’t a Twitter feed get pretty darn close to the accurate written aggregation of one’s lived experience? I have a favorite Twitter, and while I discovered it only recently, I’ve read it just about as far back as it [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter: Basement Fire, Clown Death, Vegan Ice Cream Store Closes, NYC Virtual Hospitals

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2274709423_6d45976b67 Dozens Injured in Basement Fire Last Friday morning, 27 people were injured in an electrical fire on Water Street. Four people were brought to New York Downtown Hospital, firefighters said. According to, the fire at 55 Water St. occurred at about 9:45 a.m. The 54-story building recently restored power after Hurricane Sandy. All victims [&hellip
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The Protagonist: Spider-Man The Book—Insight Into a Closed World or Capitalizing on Failure?

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The New York Times announced this week Glen Berger, the playwright of reported media circus “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” signed on with Simon & Schuster to pen a book about the “most controversial musical in Broadway history.” It was also the most expensive, according to the Times. Berger was charged with helping rewrite the [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter

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Nabe Chatter Photo Robokid Compiled by Alissa Fleck ‘Robokid’ Takes On East Village East Village resident Jakob Kraus, 7, who has earned the moniker “Robokid,” is a self-taught hip-hop dancer who practices the style known as “animation,” according to his father. Now his videos, which can be viewed online, are on the brink of going viral. Jakob’s father said [&hellip
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New York Attracting a Flood of Tech Start-Ups

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Following suit of Silicon Valley years ago, the Big Apple is attracting new companies According to a recent article in Mashable, New York is becoming a hotter and hotter site for start-up businesses and entrepreneurs. Where Silicon Valley is king, NYC, for many reasons, is rising in the ranks. Young and popular companies like Foursquare [&hellip
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AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo…What Your Email Address Says About You

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A person’s surface identity may now be inextricably bound up with Twitter feeds and other heavily tailored, virtual life-mélanges (Facebook Timeline, LinkedIn, etc.), but everybody still uses email, and in a few words email says a lot. My parents, entirely respectable people, still pay for AOL service. While I want to trust the decisions of [&hellip
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Deputy Mayor Takes to the Twittersphere to Defend the Bloomberg

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256px-Twitter.svg Wolfson takes to the Twittersphere to defend the Bloomberg administration When Mayor Michael Bloomberg is under attack, one trusty weapon in Deputy Mayor Howard Wolfson’s arsenal is the tweet. Wolfson, Bloomberg’s deputy mayor for government affairs and communications, has been garnering attention in recent months for taking to the Twittersphere to go after the administration’s critics, [&hellip
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We Love Lin, But At What Cost? Is The Legacy Worth the Paycheck?

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New Houston offer makes one New Yorker wonder if Lin, despite huge fan base, is worth it It’s a bit of an odd thing to begin with— Jeremy Lin’s “Linsanity” legacy. How often does 25 games started, one insane week, and post-season injuries and irrelevance constitute one of the most-talked-about monikers in all of sports? [&hellip
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