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Sponge Bob, the 30 lb. Cat, Finds New Home

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By Paul Bisceglio New York’s tubbiest tabby has a new home. Sponge Bob, the 30 lb. feline media sensation, made his debut with his new owners last week on the purple carpet at Animal Haven’s second annual Performance for the Animals benefit concert and auction at City Winery in Tribeca. Two months ago, Sponge Bob’s [&hellip
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Crime Watch

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crimewatch Compiled by Alissa Fleck Lockdown A 29-year-old woman was working out at a Wall Street gym when several items were stolen from her unsecured locker—she reportedly left the items in the locker even though her lock was broken. The robber made off with the woman’s purse, containing an iPhone, a driver’s license, several credit cards [&hellip
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Former Mayoral Candidate Mark Greens Plans to Endorse Julie Menin for BP

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From City & State’s Heard Around Town, May 14, 2012: Former mayoral candidate Mark Green is planning to endorse Manhattan Borough president candidate Julie Menin, the Community Board 1 chairwoman who says she’ll run for BP if Scott Stringer leaves the seat vacant in 2013. Green, who met Menin when he was president of Air America, also plans to host [&hellip
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Kutsher’s Serves Modern Jewish Cuisine—No, Really

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Dining Crispy Potato Latkes_1 To talk to Zach Kutsher is to become convinced that opening a Catskills-resort-themed restaurant in Tribeca, modernizing American Jewish cooking, one of the world’s most maligned cuisines, was the most reasonable thing in the world to do. But step back and look at those elements individually—the Catskills? Didn’t they shut down the year after people [&hellip
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Tribeca Super Charged in Jewel and Art Thefts

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The 62-year-old superintendent of a Tribeca building on Washington Street was sentenced today three to nine years in state prison for stealing paintings and jewelry from building residents. According to the Manhattan DA, Mihaly Kovacsezics took art worth $13,365 from one resident, whose elderly aunt he befriended prior to her death, and $23,380 in jewelry [&hellip
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School Lines That Leave Many Parents Behind

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Raise your hand if you’re planning to send your child to kindergarten in the next year or two,” someone said at the beginning. I wasn’t, so I didn’t. The message at my “first” meeting was clear. The city’s Department of Education was not thinking about where my toddler would go to school, even though I [&hellip
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The Past, Present and Future of School Rezoning

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The battle over Downtown’s schools By Lillian Rizzo Since October, parents have stood in school auditoriums, before panels and projectors, asking for the answer to a simple question: What school will their children attend in the fall? These parents from Lower Manhattan neighborhoods have attended meetings at which the District 2 Community Education Council (CEC) [&hellip
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