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“Toddlers & Tiaras” Fashion Controversy Recalls French Vogue Scandal

Written by Alissa Fleck on . Posted in Blog, NY Press Exclusive

What’s acceptable fashion for a 3-year-old? What about a 6-year-old? Where do you draw the line? The topic is recurrently explored on TLC’s reality television series, Toddlers & Tiaras, which has been extremely controversial since its 2009 debut. It’s also causing fallout well beyond the realm of television, reaffirming the notion—for some—that any publicity is [&hellip
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If Cab Fares Increase, Will Drivers Pay More, Too?

Written by Jon Lentz on . Posted in News Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown

taxi The Bloomberg administration is looking to raise fares for yellow cabs, but Taxi and Limousine Commissioner David Yassky last week declined to say whether the city would also consider a proposal to raise how much taxi fleets can charge drivers. “We’re going to have a public hearing May 31,” Yassky told City & State before [&hellip
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