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The Man With All the Answers

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Mark (5 of 10) A downtown philosophy guru helps people tackle the big questions in life in a practical way By Helaina Hovitz Three weekends ago, as spring finally began to blossom, I saw oodles of couples strolling through Washington Square Park, gearing up for summer love that they undoubtedly hoped would stick around through the fall. “Hey guys!” [&hellip
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Pay Attention to Children’s Hyperactivity

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“Boys will be boys” attitude can delay help for attention deficit disorder  Donna Greenstein knew something was wrong with her son, but no one believed her. The mother of four first had two daughters and went through the usual pediatric milestones with them. Then her son was born and began to grow up. “He would [&hellip
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Dr. Mozart

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Michael Gruson, a successful attorney, got the worst possible news from his doctor in March 2005: His persistent headache was more serious than anything an aspirin could cure. It was the symptom of a malignant brain tumor. A partner at Shearman & Sterling and the head of an eight-member household, Gruson, 69, was accustomed to [&hellip
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August Shrink Book Round-Up

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“I feel like I just got a hundred grand worth of your therapy by osmosis,” said a friend who read my debut novel, Speed Shrinking. With therapists away in August, abandoned patients are freaking out. Yet in this lousy economy, there are cheaper ways to soothe your turbulent psyche than handing over your hard-won cash [&hellip
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To the Editor: Your Oct. 16 piece “Couch Talk” was particularly well timed. Earlier this month, the New York Times covered a scientific study that proved Woody Allen was right about the efficacy of talk therapy. Those of us who have seen how psychoanalysis has reduced anxiety in our patients were thrilled to see fact-based support [&hellip
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