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Introducing The Manhattan Cartel

Written by Noah Wunsch on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

How I came to know about The Manhattan Cartel—a dirty blues rock duo made up of guitarist Aaron Strand and vocalist Elinor Arwyn—is the stuff of destiny. Of New Nork City late night lore… or horse. Last Tuesday night I received a text from an ex that flipped my tummy and blackened my heart. It [&hellip
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Literal Sensory Deprivation

Written by admin on . Posted in Arts & Film, Film

For all the elaborate apocalyptic imagery in Roland Emmerich’s latest F/X marathon 2012, there’s not a single witty or memorable sight. Not much story either: U.S. geologist (Chiwetel Ejiofore) discovers that the Earth’s crust is shifting due to enormous solar flare eruptions. Neutrinos heat up the Earth’s core “like a microwave,” which gives Emmerich’s CGI [&hellip
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