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Back & Forth with Mark Ruffalo: Hulk smashes hydrofracking!

Written by Jon Lentz on . Posted in Breaking News, News Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown

In The Avengers movie that opened this past weekend, Mark Ruffalo plays the Incredible Hulk, a creature born from a scientific experiment gone awry who joins a team of superheroes seeking to save the world. The risks of scientific progress and efforts to save the planet are also at play in his real-world battle against [&hellip
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Pavlov’s Franchise

Written by Armond White on . Posted in Arts & Film, Our Town, West Side Spirit

Avengers The Delusion of Marvel’s The Avengers Previous Marvel Comics superhero movies such as Iron Man, Hulk, Captain America and Thor were like roughly cut puzzle pieces that looked odd and unfinished by themselves—pretend movies derived from already established brands. Most of them, particularly Jon Favreau’s dung-colored Iron Man, were poorly directed. Now, fitted together in [&hellip
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