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A Bachelor on Valentine’s Day

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Sean Lowe, star of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor,’ weighs in on everything from the ideal date to mistakes women make in their search for the perfect mate. By Angela Barbuti Sean Lowe will be alone this Valentine’s Day—but don’t feel bad for him just yet. The 29-year-old recently finished taping a season of ABC’s The Bachelor, [&hellip
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The King Is Dead, Long Live the King!

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Handicapping the competition for Brisket King of NYC Brisket is big business these days. After years of struggling in the Passover ghetto, the notoriously fickle cut of beef is having a full- fledged moment in the sun, thanks in large part to the awareness campaign begun some six years ago by New York’s Texas BBQ [&hellip
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Director Werner Herzog Visits Death Row

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By Cullen Gallagher Death is not unfamiliar territory for filmmaker Werner Herzog. He has explored the topic—and felt its very real threat—in several movies. In La Soufrière (1977), Herzog risked his own life (and his crew’s) to investigate a volcano on the verge of erupting; on-location shooting for the fictional film Fitzcaraldo (1982) posed life-threatening [&hellip
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