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Theater Brings Possibility to Local Teens

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Photo by Christopher Smith With NYC afterschool programs continuously cut , the Possibility Project brings relief to struggling students through the performing arts By Helaina Hovitz It’s a brisk Saturday morning in April, and a group of inner city students are rehearsing a musical of their own making at East Side Community High School on 12th Street and 1st [&hellip
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Save After-School Programs

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Childcare Cuts 2 Leaders and students from Upper East Side after-school programs rally to keep them off the budget chopping block “Invest in us; we’ll rise to the top. Give us a little, we’ll grow a lot!” This was the rally cry of the 700 children and after-school advocates that attended the March 28th rally outside City Hall [&hellip
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Abe Lincoln Meets iTunes

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New York City’s museums provide a wealth of programs for adults and children, but fewer offerings are aimed at the demographic in between: middle and high school students. As part of its current exhibit “Lincoln and New York,” the New-York Historical Society has developed audio tours produced by, and geared toward, teenagers. “The idea was [&hellip
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