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3D Printing Saves the Universe: Only 300 Years to Go

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3d The process of 3D printing is called additive manufacturing, and it’s a pretty simple idea: A machine squirts some material in layers based on a 3D computer model until the design has become a real life object. There’s a few different methods and processes to choose from, but here I’m just focusing on “Fused Deposition [&hellip
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The Kickstarter "Ooops, It's Almost Christmas" Wishlist

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boozebook In case you’ve never heard of it: KickStarter is a real cool website that helps people realize their creative ideas by Darwinian process: 1. Have an idea? 2. Put it on Kickstarter. 3. It’s a good one. 4. Strangers give you money! 5. Success. Below are my No.1’s for awesome gifts. I know that we’re [&hellip
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NeverWet Anti-Water Spray Gives Your iPhone Gills

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neverwet Trebec: No way. That’s bullshit. That’s what I said the first time I saw this video. Enter NeverWet; a byproduct of the super-boring R&D over at Ross Nanotechnologies, a division of Ross Technologies–creators of Algrip Slip-Resistant Flooring Products, and Dexco Storage Rack Systems–inventing the future of, well…stuff. The company calls it a “super hydrophobic coating [&hellip
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By Alice Robb The New York Institute of Technology will host a cyber security conference on Wednesday, Sept. 15, at NYIT Auditorium, 1900 Broadway. Dr. Eric Cole, author of Hackers Beware and Network Security Bible, will discuss future trends in network security, and security expert Bill Cheswick will talk about safe passwords
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Electronic technology has done a lot to make life more convenient. But the seductiveness of new technology probably contributes to most Americans’ working longer than 40 hours per week. For many people, checking e-mail outside of work hours is habitual. This summer, I regularly saw parents “on vacation” at the beach checking their e-mail on [&hellip
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