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Blackboard Awards: 10 Years of Honoring Education Excellence

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bba_Avenues_BessAdler This being the 10th anniversary year of the Blackboard Awards, it seems only fitting to recall the involvement of the awards’ patron saint, the legendary teacher and author Frank McCourt. You may remember that McCourt was the career high school English teacher who, in retirement, wrote the mega-bestselling memoir about his childhood in Ireland, Angela’s Ashes. [&hellip
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It’s ‘Academic’ As Prof Runs for Lappin Seat

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Hill Krishnan may be the only candidate for City Council who can speak with equal passion about his theories on national military spending and the fusion of disco moves with traditional Indian dancing. A search for him on YouTube will reveal Krishnan asking U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron about the British government’s commitment to nonproliferation [&hellip
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