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State Court Declares MTA Tax Unconstitutional

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Photo by peterkreder, courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons. By Paul Bisceglio   A State Supreme Court justice has overturned a tariff meant to bolster income for the Metropolitan Transit Authority. The tariff, called the metropolitan commuter transportation mobility tax, requires employers in all 12 New York counties served by the public transportation provider to contribute 34 cents to M.T.A. for every $100 in [&hellip
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Tax Facts You Need to Know

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I often get a lot of tax-related questions in my business. Here are the answers to some of the most common queries: • For how many years do I need to keep tax returns? You should keep your tax returns from 2008, 2007, 2006 and 2005. The IRS will usually only go back three years, [&hellip
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Tax Issues Shutter H+H

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H+H Bagels’ two store locations, including the famed Broadway and West 80th Street shop, were shut down on May 29 because of a tax issue. Earlier that morning, a red sign was placed on the front door of the Broadway branch to inform customers about the closure of the city’s most well known shop, where [&hellip
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There’s no such thing as an honest mistake in politics, just like there’s no such thing as gender parity when it comes to the scrutiny that candidates face when nominated to powerful positions in government. Much has been made of the “tax” problems of President Obama’s choice to head the Treasury Department. Tim Geithner failed [&hellip
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