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The Case for Character

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Children_Succeed_hi21 A new book reports on the surprising ways that traits like grit and curiosity can improve success in school and—even better—in life By Tali Rosenblatt-Cohen A journalist with long-time gigs as an editor at Harper’s and the New York Times magazine, New York City dad Paul Tough has spent much of his career thinking, reporting [&hellip
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Sounding the Alarm: A Q&A With John Hoffman On HBO’s New Documentary, “The Weight of the Nation”

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Nearly one-third of America’s children and adolescents are overweight or obese. It’s an alarming statistic that remains front-and-center in the public debate on our country’s nutrition and exercise habits. Joining the conversation is HBO’s just-released multi-part documentary, “The Weight of the Nation,” which takes a critical look at health issues we’re facing today.  To get [&hellip
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