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Update: Downtown Synagogue Forced Out of Home

Written by NY Press on . Posted in Breaking News

DT_synagogue_manpray_aa By Caroline Lewis “We are shocked by [yesterday's] court decision,” said Richard McBee, President of Lower Manhattan’s Sixteenth Street Synagogue. The NYS Supreme Court has upheld the eviction of the synagogue from their home of more than 65 years by building owner Jack Braha. This decision marks a low point for McBee and the synagogue [&hellip
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Once Disgraced Anthony Weiner Continues to Keep Campaign Office Open

Written by City & State on . Posted in Politics

Via City & State. Ex-Congressman Anthony Weiner’s just-released campaign finance filing shows that Weiner continues to pay rent for a campaign office. Most recently, on July 7, Weiner paid $5,438.23 to SL Green, for “Office Expenses Rent” – and Weiner also continues to pay a monthly phone bills for the office.  A source confirmed that Weiner continues to keep [&hellip
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Supreme Court Ruling on Arizona’s Immigration Law not a Victory for Immigrant Communities

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Breaking News, Politics

On Monday, the Supreme Court issued a ruling that largely amends Arizona’s controversial 2010 anti-immigration law. However, despite ruling out several important elements, the court upheld the “show me your papers” provision, which authorizes police officers to operate random identity checks on “suspicious” persons. By Laurent Berstecher   The Court ruled out three key provisions [&hellip
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NYU Furman Center Issues a Fact Brief on Rent Stabilization

Written by NY Press on . Posted in News Our Town Downtown, Our Town Downtown, Uncategorized

NYU Furman Center's Vicki Been In advance of the Supreme Court’s announcement on whether it will hear the case of Harmon v. Kimmel, which challenges rent regulation laws in New York City. NYU’s Furman Center’s fact brief details the number of rent stabilized units in NYC, and provides both demographic and socioeconomic data comparing the tenants inhabiting these units with [&hellip
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Health Care Fantasies and Realities: ‘Obamacare’ debate overlooks how the healthcare system actually works

Written by Josh Rogers on . Posted in Breaking News, Opinion and Column, Opinion Our Town, Opinion West Side Spirit, Our Town, West Side Spirit

By Josh Rogers John Edwards’ name resurfaced in the news last week with a report that he was a client of the Upper East Side’s “Millionaire Madam” during his 2008 presidential campaign. Regardless of the truth in the allegation, there was a better reason to bring him up again. It’s hard to remember, but before [&hellip
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What Comes After Affirmative Action?

Written by Josh Rogers on . Posted in On Topic OTDT, Our Town Downtown

New ways to add diversity as the policy nears its rightful end Affirmative action’s defenders and attackers finally agree on something: The policy probably won’t be around too much longer. The recent decision by the Supreme Court to revisit the issue clearly puts it in peril. Even if the court ends up retaining the legality of affirmative action for now, using race as [&hellip
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Upper West Side’s Own Gets Supreme Court Nod

Written by admin on . Posted in News West Side Spirit, Politics

By Dan Rivoli President Barack Obama’s pick for the Supreme Court, Elena Kagan, would be the fourth female justice, serving alongside two other women from New York City. But Kagan would be the only sitting justice from Manhattan—the Upper West Side, to be exact. While the Brooklyn-bred Ruth Bader Ginsburg taught at Columbia Law School [&hellip
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