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Public Zip-Lining in Foley Square for Two Weekends this August

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We warned you it was coming—zip lining has officially hit Foley Square for the next two weekends of August. For the NY DOT’s ongoing Summer Streets event, the organization is running a zip line in Foley Square, which is open for public enjoyment. There are other events as well, in celebration of New Yorkers reclaiming [&hellip
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“Flaming Cactus” Street Art Leaves Astor Place

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Photo by James Kelleher With another summer season on the horizon, Animus Art Collective’s neon plastic-tie art piece “Flaming Cactus,” was installed in Astor Place as part of the Department of Transportation’s Summer Streets program, was taken down Tuesday, June 19. The collective will reportedly bring the piece to 23 poles along Spring Street soon
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Taking a page from the “Summer Streets” program that closed off Park Avenue to automobile traffic, a business group wants to block off Amsterdam Avenue for a few Sundays in May. The Columbus/Amsterdam Business Improvement District (BID) is close to getting the avenue approved for the city’s “Weekend Walks” program. If the mayor’s Street Activity [&hellip
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