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Residents Call Subway Construction Breeding Ground for Crime

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James KelleherIMG_9381 But police statistics show a decrease around Second Avenue   By Amanda Woods Following the recent report of a young woman who was stabbed in broad daylight on East 86th Street near Second Avenue, some Upper East Side residents and business owners are concerned that the ongoing subway construction makes the avenue more dangerous and prone to [&hellip
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Testing Out Subway Wi-Fi: How Well Does the Free Internet in the Chelsea Stations Work?

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Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons. By Paul Bisceglio Boingo Wireless teamed up with Google Offers this week to launch free wireless internet in six Chelsea subway stations. According to the New York Times, Google will foot the bill for the service this summer until September 7, after which Boingo expects to find other sponsorships to keep the underground Wi-Fi free. [&hellip
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In Wake of Subway Stabbing, Concerns About Crime on Public Transit

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In a blast from the not-so-fondly-remembered past, violent gang activity spilled out of Central Park into Manhattan subway stations last week, with one of the teens involved in the altercation getting stabbed. According to the New York Post, the trouble began when one gang confronted another in Central Park. One group fled, heading down into [&hellip
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The Woman Behind Subway Abortion Ads

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The “Abortion Changes You” campaign, running since early March, has added a little controversy to straphangers’ commutes, with New York Times columnist Susan Dominus calling the effort “propaganda masquerading as therapy.” The ads, which feature a serious young woman and direct viewers to a website (, are the work of Michaelene Fredenburg, a Wisconsin-born mother [&hellip
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