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What Comes After Affirmative Action?

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New ways to add diversity as the policy nears its rightful end Affirmative action’s defenders and attackers finally agree on something: The policy probably won’t be around too much longer. The recent decision by the Supreme Court to revisit the issue clearly puts it in peril. Even if the court ends up retaining the legality of affirmative action for now, using race as [&hellip
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Billy Parrott: Library Manager for the New York City Public Library, Battery City Park

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By Penny Grey Battery Park becomes an increasingly vibrant neighborhood every day. Billy Parrott, library manager of the Battery Park City Library, discusses the importance of the library to the community and the joys of being a librarian. How long has the Battery Park branch been open? We opened on March 15, 2010, so just [&hellip
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That Elusive Perfect Game

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Everyone was ready to see the magic happen again. From the players to the coaches to the spectators to the umpires—they were all hoping to see the lightning bolt of an arm that had just produced a perfect game deliver a repeat performance. Lightning didn’t strike twice for Nolan Becker, the senior lefty from Stuyvesant [&hellip
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