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Remembering the Real Story

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bloody-mary-cocktail-290x290 How our minds can trick us By Kristine Keller “I really like him,” is how a conversation began with a friend this past weekend over Bloody Mary’s at La Esquina. She sat in front of me twisting her celery stick and allowing the red froth to soak the giant ice cubes while recounting details of [&hellip
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I love you, I hate you, call me

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iStock_000001207968Small How one’s relationship with caregivers early in life impacts later behavior By Kristine Keller Downtown dating is like the root canal process—painful while you’re going through it but the end result leaves your sensory nerves feelin’ good. And sadly, there’s no quickie fix for that painful pearly white procedure. There is, on the other hand, [&hellip
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Reality Doesn’t Bite

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Kristine-Keller How cognitive distortions can lead to faulty conclusions By Kristine Keller There are times when you’re playing back a situation in your mind and a split screen appears. On one side of the screen there’s reality—the version of events that actually happened. But it’s the second screen we zero in on in high-definition, with surround [&hellip
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