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Cyclist Killed After Hitting Door In Queens Leads to Questions about Bicycling Safety

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It was an unfortunate day for an unsuspecting cyclist on Sunday when he hit a car door while riding his bike in Queens. The cyclist, 39, whose name is undisclosed, ended up dying at the scene. According to the New York Post, the cyclist’s jugular was punctured by his bike’s handlebars, and witnesses’ efforts to [&hellip
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In Brooklyn, Peace Between Rival Democrats Is Rejected

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In Brooklyn, peace between rival factions of the county Democratic party is hard to come by. Recently, Brooklyn district leader Lincoln Restler proposed a non-aggression pact with Councilman Steve Levin that would help both young politicians win re-election, according to an account of the conversation Levin provided to City & State. Levin alleges that Restler, [&hellip
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