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R.I.P. Sponge Bob, New York’s Favorite Fat Cat

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The late spongebob with his adopted parents. “Goodbye Sweet Boy.” Matt and Courtney Farrell announced on that Sponge Bob, their recently adopted 33-turned-26 pound tabby, had to be put down this week. He had fits of breathing trouble, the newlywed couple wrote, so they took him to an emergency veterinarian, who found a growing mass in the nine-year-old cat’s chest that [&hellip
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Spongebob, the 30-Pound Cat, Slims Down to 26-Pounds

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Spongebob in fatter times. By Paul Bisceglio New York’s favorite corpulent kitty has shed more than fur this summer. Spongebob, the nine year old tabby whose physique puts Garfield to shame, has lost some pounds since he was adopted from Animal Haven in June by Upper East Side newlyweds Courtney and Matthew Farrell. The blog maintained by the couple [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter: 30 Pound Cat Finds Home

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Zadroga Bill to Cover 50 Types of Cancer Fifty types of cancer have joined the list of covered conditions for the World Trade Center Health Program linked to the Zadroga Bill that was passed in early 2011. The coverage comes after Dr. John Howard, director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, reviewed [&hellip
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