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Tapped In

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ws_expressphoto_rooseveltmural Compiled by Nora Bosworth and  Megan Bungeroth TRIBUTE TO TEDDY Teddy Roosevelt eyes his next prey from the newly restored murals in the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda at the American Museum of Natural History. After two years of conservation treatment, the huge canvases were re-introduced to the public this week. MTA TO RESUME BLASTING AT EXPLOSION SITE [&hellip
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Neighborhood Chatter

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ws_expressphoto_rooseveltm copy Compiled by Nora Bosworth, Megan Bungeroth and Alicia Bynum ESPAILLAT AND HOYLMAN WIN SENATE PRIMARIES Incumbent state Sen. Adriano Espaillat easily won his Democratic primary race against challenger Assemblyman Guillermo Linares last week, taking an estimated 65 percent of the votes. Linares, who declared his intent to run for the position when Espaillat was still [&hellip
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Unlikely Victims of the Proposed Soda Ban Speak Out

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DSC_0668 Council member Rosie Mendez hears business owners’ concerns over ‘arbitrary’ law By Paul Bisceglio Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed ban on sales of large sugary beverages has kept city politicians and soft-drink industry officials buzzing all summer. Last week, however, City Council Member Rosie Mendez took a walk downtown to talk to people whose opinions on [&hellip
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Bloomberg and Bodegas: The Power Elites?

Written by Josh Rogers on . Posted in Opinion and Column, Opinion Our Town, Opinion West Side Spirit, Our Town, West Side Spirit

josh Hollow arguments from opponents to a ban on large sodas  Bodegas, you see, are some of the New York City businesses that will clean up at the expense of the “little guys,” like pizza parlors and McDonald’s, if, as expected, Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s new soda policy goes into effect in September. That was just one [&hellip
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Soda Ban Debate Sees Its First Action

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Breaking News, News Our Town, News Our Town Downtown, Our Town, Our Town Downtown

Proponents and opponents voice their opinion regarding Bloomberg’s unique proposal The debate over Mayor Bloomberg’s soda ban raged on Tuesday, having started at 1 p.m. but lasting over 80 minutes past its initial expected ending time, the New York Times reports. Representatives from the board of health, union advocates, consumer advocates, health experts politicians, even a [&hellip
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The Humor in Soda Ban Protest “Escapes” Bloomberg

Written by NYPress on . Posted in Blog, Eat & Drink, NY Press Exclusive, Our Town

“The humor kind of escapes [him],” Mayor Bloomberg says of the “Million Big Gulp March” in protest of his proposed soda ban. This weekend New Yorkers for Beverage Choices took to the streets to urge Bloomberg to let them put what they want into their bodies. Bloomberg referenced obesity and obesity-related deaths in the City, [&hellip
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Coalition Against Soda Ban Trying To Amass Support

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Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons Brooklyn flooded with picketers voicing opposition against Bloomberg proposal More contention against Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed soda ban bloomed again this weekend, as the New Yorkers for Beverage Choices hit the sands of Brooklyn this weekend in effort to voice their opinion. Members of the coalition, along with supports of the coalition’s efforts, canvassed along Coney [&hellip
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West Siders, Nutritionists Weigh in on Mayor Bloomberg’s Proposed Soda Restriction

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FE&FW-Soda Ban By Helen Matsumoto and Rebecca Harris Since Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced last month his plan to institute a citywide ban on the sale of sugary beverages over 16 ounces, health experts, politicians, vendors and consumers have weighed in passionately on both sides. Manhattan’s Upper West Siders are no exception. Some praised the mayor’s fight against [&hellip
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How Much Soda Do New Yorkers Drink?

Written by NY Press on . Posted in NY Press Exclusive

We have all heard about Mayor Bloomberg’s administration’s latest plan in their ongoing battle against obesity. The new law, which might into effect as early as March 2013 after a series of public hearings, will effectively prohibit restaurants, delis, food carts and movie theaters from selling sodas in quantities exceeding 16oz. The ban will not [&hellip
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