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Tapped In: Sandy Aid; Fire Fatalities; Ed Potter Award

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fire Compiled by Paul Bisceglio NADLER, CUOMO ATTACK DELAY IN SANDY AID The House of Representatives’ failure to vote on a $60 billion Hurricane Sandy disaster aid bill last week prompted a number of angry responses by local elected officials representing the storm-ravaged city. “This is a betrayal of the millions of Americans who are struggling [&hellip
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New smoking concerns for kids in Lower Manhattan

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05-03-SV.indd Anti-smoking groups worried about youth-targeted advertisements By Courtney M. Holbrook A slim, pale woman puffs away on a cigarette. A cloud of smoke rises from perfect red lips beneath a sign—“Marlboro Menthols, $10.75.” A bright window advertises candy, snack food and soda brands. Wrapped around the display in bright green foil, white block letters read [&hellip
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Smoking Mad About the Neighbors

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Bloomberg takes his anti-cigarette campaign right into your co-op Their selfishness literally seeps through the vents into our apartments. Oh, sure, I believe people have a legal right to smoke in their homes—if they keep their smoke within the confines of their apartments. That rarely happens. So let’s think about a great big new in-the-apartment [&hellip
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Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

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How I finally kicked my decades-long nicotine habit By Rosemary Kalikow “Don’t you want to be alive to dance at my wedding someday?” asked my 18-year-old son, Brett. My husband and I were up in Cambridge for the first parents’ college weekend. Brett was apparently majoring in Jewish guilt at Harvard. “How can a mother [&hellip
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Our Leading Cancer Killer

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Q: Is cigarette smoke the only cause of lung cancer? A: Radon and asbestos are causes, too. Radon is an invisible, odorless and radioactive gas that occurs naturally in soil and rocks. Asbestos has been used for fireproofing, electrical insulation, building materials, brake linings and chemical filters. But cigarette smoking is the number one cause [&hellip
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City Smoking

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To the Editor: A few comments about “The Benefits of an Outdoor Ban,” where, contrary to the title, you marshal several arguments against an outdoor smoking ban (Sidebar, “No Ifs, Ands or Butts,” Sept. 24). The fact that New York City air is already polluted is not an argument against a ban. A high crime [&hellip
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