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Woman Killed by Truck on Monday ID’ed as Downtown Artist

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Photo by edenpictures. Via Flickr Commons. By Paul Bisceglio – – *Update*: An NYPD spokesperson announced on Wednesday that Greg Smith was charged with failure to yield to a pedestrian and failure to exercise due care. – – South Village resident Jessica Dworkin, 58, was killed on Monday morning when the rear of a tractor trailer hit her and dragged her two blocks under [&hellip
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Testing Out Subway Wi-Fi: How Well Does the Free Internet in the Chelsea Stations Work?

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Photo courtesy of Wiki Commons. By Paul Bisceglio Boingo Wireless teamed up with Google Offers this week to launch free wireless internet in six Chelsea subway stations. According to the New York Times, Google will foot the bill for the service this summer until September 7, after which Boingo expects to find other sponsorships to keep the underground Wi-Fi free. [&hellip
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