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Small Business is Best, Except When it’s Not

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chrismoor Save mom-and-pop stores, but they should save us from bad service When I went there, though, my prescriptions were not ready—even after I’d been assured by phone beforehand that they would be filled. I will never get back the hours I spent standing around waiting for the men in white coats to get their work [&hellip
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The West Side’s Quirky Shops Still Live

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FW-Soutine Bakery(as) By Helen Matsumoto and Amanda Woods The Upper West Side’s retail landscape is always changing. Big stores edge out smaller ones on some blocks, while mom-and-pops thrive on others. We set out to find some of the quirkiest shops in the neighborhood. Granny-Made 467 Amsterdam Ave., 212-496-1222, A little girl peered into the window [&hellip
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A Guide to the Rare and Quirky Shops of NYC

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Shopping for hidden treasures on the Upper East Side By Amanda Woods and Megan Bungeroth Chain stores, traditional gift shops and well-established brand stores are easy to come by on the Upper East Side, but we set out to find something different: quirky, unusual shops selling something new and different. The stores we discovered range [&hellip
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Not All Is Fair in Street Fairs, Some Say

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Every summer, a string of events hit the city that provide, depending on your perspective, either a fun-filled, leisurely day of shopping, eating and entertainment or a hellish, traffic-jamming, noise-making, government-sanctioned takeover of public places. To many, they are just street fairs. Some love them, many enjoy them, and some scratch their heads with wonder [&hellip
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Although many of the “mom-and-pop” stores that previously lined the West Side’s commercial strips have closed, some new chain stores have opened up in the neighborhood. Michaels Arts and Crafts and discount clothing store TJ Maxx recently opened in the new mixed-use residential development Columbus Village, on Columbus Avenue between West 97th and 100th streets. [&hellip
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A Few of My Favorite Things

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I love summer, a time when I forcibly inject hedonism into my hectic life. I desert John Stuart Mill and even Woody Allen, who believe pleasure is merely the absence of pain. Afternoons I enter Central Park at Sixth Avenue and start breathing pure air deeply. A cardinal and his red-crested wife fly by. A [&hellip
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Extreme Grocery Shopping

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“You can get through life with bad manners, but it’s easier with good manners.” I can’t remember who said this, but I know one thing: they never shopped at Fairway Market at 6 p.m. on a Sunday. I’ve lived on the Upper West Side, off and on, for nearly 15 years. And I’ve always thought [&hellip
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