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Stop School Closures

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The public advocate calls on the administration to find alternate solutions for struggling schools By Public Advocate Bill de Blasio If something is broken – fix it. Sadly, Mayor Bloomberg adheres to a different philosophy where our city’s education system is concerned. The Administration’s default response to struggling schools has been to close them, without [&hellip
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Is Playtime Over?

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Some NYC schools are cutting down on recess just as studies show how integral it is to students’ development It turns out that taking a break from fractions to play football in the schoolyard has more than just physical health benefits. The American Academy of Pediatrics recently released a statement emphasizing the importance of recess, [&hellip
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Stock Up on Sensible, Stylish and Sharp Back-to-School Supplies

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SkipHop By Mia Weber City kids may start to feel a bit pouty as the sun sets on a beautiful summer, so we’ve compiled the perfect guide for everything they’ll need to start the new school year off in style with a smile! 1. The Perfect Pouch To help your young scholar bring a stylish edge [&hellip
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New Charter Opens to Applause

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A neighborhood that went to battle to fiercely oppose the opening of one charter school in the recent past is now set to welcome another with open arms. The Hebrew Charter School Center is preparing to open its newest school in Community Education District 3, which covers the Upper West Side as well as parts [&hellip
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Léman Manhattan Prep. Welcomes Newbery Winner

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Leman-Manhattan_2-300x225 Author Jack Gantos to Appear at Léman Manhattan Prep. School Léman Manhattan Preparatory School, located at 1 Morris St. in the Financial District and headed by school master Drew Alexander, will be opening its doors to Newbery medal winning author Jack Gantos on May 9. Leman Manhattan Prep., which is a K-12 school, has both a Middle [&hellip
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Notes on Getting Teen Students Better Organized

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By Dr. Emily Levy As students progress through school, their organizational demands increase rapidly. They are required to complete lengthier assignments, take detailed notes, study for exams and transport more materials. For many students, these organizational demands can be daunting, and they often become lost and utterly disorganized in this process. Most students lack a [&hellip
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School Plans For Riverside Center

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By Roland Li Upper West Side parents and members of Community Board 7 demanded construction of a school at the Riverside Center development that would be large enough to alleviate crowding problems in District 3. “Overcrowding in the southern district has reached crisis proportions,” said Noah Gotbaum, president of District 3’s Community Education Council, which [&hellip
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Students’ Vision Will Shape New MLK Campus Plaza

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Walking by the Martin Luther King High School campus, it’s hard to tell that there are actually six different theme-based high schools housed in the same complex, at 122 Amsterdam Ave. and West 66th Street. In its current dilapidated condition, not many people use the plaza outside the building, but faculty and students of Manhattan [&hellip
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Nursing Home Help For Crowded School

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P.S. 163 officials and parents are planning for an influx of new students, and help may come from Jewish Home Lifecare. The nursing home is in discussions with the public school to provide space in its new development on West 100th Street. Jewish Home Lifecare, based on West 106th Street, generated some controversy last year [&hellip
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Space Squeeze for New District 3 Primary School

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Despite the urging of District 3’s Community Education Council, the Department of Education said it was not possible to increase the number of grades at P.S. 452, a new school slated to open in the I.S. 44 building on West 77th Street in fall 2010. The department is planning to start three kindergarten classes at [&hellip
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