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Now Take Them Out Devils’ Contenders for Summer Album of 2013

Written by Simon Lazarus Vasta on . Posted in Music

Every May, they start trickling out: the self-proclaimed Summer Albums. They’re the blockbuster popcorn flicks of the music world; flashy, catchy, accessible and widely discussed. In a way, being dubbed the Album of the Summer is a far more prestigious accolade than Album of the Year; It’s a record that gets played to death on [&hellip
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Oliver Stone’s New Media Experiment: Savages

Written by City Arts on . Posted in Arts & Film

savages-new-clip-300x300-1 By John Demetry for City Arts First Penn Jillette’s passionate and principled radio attack on the racism and classism of Obama’s War on Drugs went viral, bringing politics to YouTube. Now, Oliver Stone uses the internet platform to bring art to advertising for Savages, his new dramatic film about marijuana trafficking opening July 6. Art [&hellip
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