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Q&A With Meghan McCain: The Outspoken McCain on Mitt Romney and Never Dating a Liberal

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meghan mccain By Angela Barbuti Last Fourth of July, Meghan McCain brought Michael Ian Black home to Arizona to meet her parents. McCain, 27, a single Republican, and Black, 40, a married Democrat, decided to tour the country together to see how the two political camps can get along. They survived surprisingly well and lived to tell [&hellip
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Sarah Palin Hits the Theaters

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Nick Broomfield’s quest for the real Sarah Palin is more about the answers he doesn’t get from the Palin camp.  Broomfield sets sail to Wasilla, Alaska, a devoutly evangelical community  that “makes Twin Peaks look like a walk in the park,” according to the film’s synopsis.  His goal: find the real Sarah Palin. In a town [&hellip
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Although vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin might not appreciate Rudy Giuliani’s earlier tendencies to support gun control, a woman’s right to choose and cross-dressing, they actually have a lot in common. They are two of the most caustic figures this election season—that is, until they become earnest when the matter at hand relates directly to [&hellip
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Why are literary meanderings called columns? They don’t support anything and, unlike the military, they don’t march. Now when the esteemed boss man Tom Allon discussed with me some years ago contents of these meanderings, he emphasized the local and community nature of the various publications in which they would appear. I heartily agreed, as [&hellip
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A POLITICAL BEDTIME STORY THAT COULD BECOME ALL TOO REAL By Alan S. Chartock Once upon a time, a little red herring met the emperor’s new clothes. The red herring, of course, is the assertion by the Republican campaign that the Democrats are (gasp!) questioning the honor of vice presidential would-be Sarah Palin. It’s nonsense, [&hellip
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