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When the city’s Economic Development Corporation announced new regulations for sight-seeing helicopter tours, president Seth Pinsky said the rules balance “both quality of life needs and our important tourist industry.” Short tour flights that last several minutes have been eliminated and there is a ban on sightseeing helicopter tours over Central Park. But while the [&hellip
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New regulations announced April 23 were designed to end natural gas drilling near New York City’s drinking water source. But the rules have sparked a backlash among environmental advocates, who claim that the state Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) missed an opportunity to ban drilling near the city’s water supply altogether
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Artists Paint Bad Picture of Proposed Park Rules

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Touching off another First Amendment fight with New York’s street artists, the city has proposed a stricter permit system governing where art can be sold in some public parks. In crowded vending hotspots in Manhattan, including Columbus Circle and Central Park South, the Parks Department wants art vendors to set up shop only in designated [&hellip
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