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Losing Man’s Best Friend

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the-truth-about-cats-and-dogs-1996-01 Bideawee Pet Loss Support Groups Understand What You’re Going Through Dogs and cats are members of the family, which makes it even more difficult when our furry friends pass on. After this tragic event takes place, you may begin to feel confusion, anger and other emotions associated with grief, but you should be aware that [&hellip
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Dog (and Cat) Breath Smells Like Bigger Problems Ahead

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Proper dental hygene is important for your pet's health by Robin Brennen Why do two-thirds of well-meaning pet owners often ignore their veterinarian’s recommendations for proper dental care? I suppose we all hate going to the dentist, so maybe there is a bit of anthropomorphizing going on. But the fact is the American Veterinary Dental Society reports that 80 percent of dogs and 70 [&hellip
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