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Crime Watch

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images Watch Your Apple! Attention Upper West Siders: the 20th Precinct, along with precincts throughout the city, has received an uptick in complaints of Apple devices being stolen from public transportation, bars and off the street. Keep your eyes and hands on your iPhones, iPods, iPads and MacBooks at all times. More UWS Bank Fraud On [&hellip
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Lamps inside Riverside Park are on 24/7. Photo by Amanda Woods. DUE CONsideration To the Editor: I wish to make comments in regard to the proposed JHL development on my block (“Jewish Home and Fracking in Hot Seat at UWS Town Hall,” July 26). I wanted to address the serious problems with this proposed project. This ambitious undertaking was embarked upon without due consideration of the [&hellip
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Tapped In

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JamesKelleher_330West95th Broadway Writer Found Dead Early on Monday morning, DNAinfo and other news outlets reported, writer Mark O’Donnell was found dead outside his home on Riverside Drive. Authorities at first did not identify the man who had collapsed outside 202 Riverside Dr. but pronounced him dead at the scene, apparently having suffered cardiac arrest. O’Donnell was [&hellip
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All The World’s a Stage: Alt Shakespeare in the Park

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Hudson Warehouse graces the Upper West Side with Shakespeare     It’s that time of year again, where people are filled with joy, the trees are covered in a shine of green, bottles (and people) are covered in sweat, and Riverside Park is filled with tragedy. This tragedy, though, is the re-arrival of The Bard [&hellip
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The Upper West Side already has seven historical districts in place to preserve the neighborhood’s character. But Landmark West, a preservation group, wouldn’t mind having one more. “West End Avenue is like Central Park West of Riverside Drive: it’s one of the grand residential boulevards of the Upper West Side,” said Kate Wood, executive director [&hellip
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