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Summer Wines from the Loire: Look to the north of France for white wine inspiration

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thepennilessepicure Sooner or later, this rain is going to end. At least, that’s what I keep telling myself. Sure, we’ve gotten a couple hints of the warm, sunshiny weather that summer surely has in store for us, but it always seems to be followed by another half-week of gloom and doom. Well, I’ve already checked into [&hellip
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The Middle Child of French Wines

Written by Josh Perilo on . Posted in Arts Our Town, Dining West Side Spirit, Our Town, West Side Spirit

The Middle Child of French Wines Constantly overlooked, the Rhone Valley makes some of the best wines Being a wine from France is a lot like being a sibling in a large family. You have the oldest, who gets the attention for being the oldest. You’ve got the perfect sibling, who’s always getting straight As. [&hellip
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