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‘Christmas’ is a Sweet Gift for All

Written by Doug Strassler on . Posted in Arts & Film, Theater

Photo by Carol Rosegg. An ever-growing subgenre has emerged within the movie adaptation umbrella constantly covering Broadway: the holiday movie adaptation. In addition to Elf and White Christmas, both making return engagements this season, A Christmas Story, The Musical, the earnest adaptation of the cult film that grew into a yuletide tradition, has arrived for a limited engagement at [&hellip
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Tailored Excess

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noise Gossip and Xenomania make joyful noise By Ben Kessler Arkansas-bred indie band Gossip (née The Gossip; like Facebook, they dropped the definite article) came to A Joyful Noise, their fifth studio album, having exhausted the exhortative possibilities of millennial dance-punk. Ahead of the pop culture curve, singer Beth Ditto went the distance—shorter than it seems—from [&hellip
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Drop Anchor at Galway Hooker

Written by admin on . Posted in Eat & Drink

I’m a big fan of the Emerald Isle, from the accents to the wool to the love of beer. When I heard about an Irish Pub just east of Macy’s, I wanted to see if Galway Hooker was more mediocre Blarney Stone, or if the place could hold its own against the city’s many Irish [&hellip
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The Men Who Stare at Goats

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George Clooney meet Dusan Makavejev: Hollywood clown to Yugoslavian art-movie satirist. Clooney’s dismal new comedy The Men Who Stare at Goats makes it essential to re-learn what good political satire means. There’s no richer example than Makavejev’s films, and three of them are now packaged in Criterion’s DVD box set, Dusan Makavejev: Free Radical
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Michael Jackson’s This Is It

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Fans will cheer Michael Jackson’s This Is It. Haters will sneer (as expected). But Steven Spielberg, Martin Scorsese, Oliver Stone and other first-class filmmakers who failed to transition Jackson onto the big screen during his pop-idol years ought to weep at the missed opportunities that This Is It makes apparent
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