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What’s in a Coffee Cup?

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87611494 The city may ban polystyrene – more commonly known by its trademark name Styrofoam – which would affect local restaurants New Yorkers may soon have to wave goodbye to plastic foam coffee cups and take-out boxes. Last month, during his final State of the City address, Mayor Bloomberg announced that he wanted to ban the [&hellip
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Barcelona Calling

Written by Regan Hofmann on . Posted in Eat & Drink, Our Town Downtown

barcelona_pedrera Bar Jamón fills an important hole in the city’s Spanish landscape In most of the United States, if all you knew about Spain came from the Spanish restaurants in your town, you’d be laboring under the impression that everyone in Spain listens exclusively to folk music, uses too much paprika and hasn’t yet reached the [&hellip
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Veselka, Part 2: East Village Classic Grows Up With a New Location

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Sequels are a terrible idea. Be it movies or restaurants, the impulse that makes a person want to capitalize on a success by replicating or, god forbid, altering it, ultimately ends only in disappointment. Success is a slippery thing made up of hundreds of variables, only a handful of which can be controlled. Audiences are [&hellip
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The New Greek Empire

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FISHTAG_Interior of the Bar_By Jessica Esposito & Anthony Clark Fish Tag is proof Michael Psilakis could rule the world, if he wanted   Michael Psilakis has found the secret to world domination: Steadily, quietly build your empire in places nobody would think to look until you’ve achieved full saturation, at which point it will be too late for them to resist. This has long [&hellip
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Dopo Teatro East: Authentic Italian on 62nd Street

Written by NY Press on . Posted in Dining Our Town, Dining West Side Spirit, Eat & Drink, Our Town, West Side Spirit

Dining-sea bass By Amanda Woods With so many Italian eateries in New York City, it can be difficult to find an “authentic” one—offering 100 percent home-cooked food and an ambience that transports diners to Italy, if only for an hour or two. Dopo Teatro East, which opened on East 62nd Street between First and Second avenues at [&hellip
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The Greatest Meal Ever

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Memories, plus serious flavor, create unforgettable experience By Josh Perilo In a recent issue of Saveur magazine, the cover story posed the question “what was the greatest meal you ever had” to 25 notable writers and personalities. When I read that query, I immediately started scanning through the volumes of my own amazing food memories, [&hellip
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By Allen Houston The outdoor terrace of Tavern on the Green is going to become home to a number of food vendors starting Oct. 15, according to the Parks Department. The famed eatery served its final meal at the end of 2009 and the city bandied a couple of suggestions around for the space (including [&hellip
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