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Letters to the Editor

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Life in a Box To the Editor: I was extremely disappointed to see Our Town (“Could You Live Here?” Aug. 9) not just reporting, but essentially hyping, the downgrade or waiver of current zoning regulation minimums for rental apartments from 400 to 300 square feet for “micro units,” even if such a policy is endorsed [&hellip
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Living at its Greenest

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The Citizen, Chelsea This spacious, architecturally stunning building on West 23rd Street meets all LEED energy efficiency qualifications, making it one of the greenest residential buildings in Manhattan. The triple-layered windows let natural light in and keep noise pollution out. Walls are specially formatted for soundproofing and have an extra layer of drywall for quiet [&hellip
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Rents In Flux

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During the final months of 2008, Upper West Side rents were high and there were a limited number of available apartments. Broker Rachel Erlich frequently saw owners tell prospective tenants with concerns to take it or leave it. Erlich, with 18 years in the real estate industry, now sees a different environment for renters. “Business [&hellip
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Top Stories of 2009

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As 2009 draws to a close, we thought we’d paw through our archives to dig up some of the more interesting stories that we covered during the past 12 months. From swine flu to Lincoln Center renovations and unexpected Hudson River air activity, there was rarely a dull moment in Manhattan, especially on the West [&hellip
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