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74-year-old “Femme Fatale” Kicked out of Apartment, Couch-Surfing in Style

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by Alissa Fleck Seventy-four-year-old Pearl Grossberg was recently evicted from her W. 12th St. rent-stabilized apartment, and has been couch-surfing ever since, reports Gothamist. Six years ago Grossberg got caught retiling her apartment—a violation of her rent stabilization contract—which resulted in a series of legal actions by her landlord that eventually got her thrown out. [&hellip
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Comptroller Liu Calls for a Rent Freeze

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New York City Comptroller John Liu is calling for a rent freeze in the city. Liu, who is running for mayor, attributes his proposal to “economically challenging times” and delays in building affordable housing, Capital New York reports. In his June 15th letter to the Rent Guidelines Board, Liu cites the City’s 9.7 percent unemployment [&hellip
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NYU Furman Center Issues a Fact Brief on Rent Stabilization

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NYU Furman Center's Vicki Been In advance of the Supreme Court’s announcement on whether it will hear the case of Harmon v. Kimmel, which challenges rent regulation laws in New York City. NYU’s Furman Center’s fact brief details the number of rent stabilized units in NYC, and provides both demographic and socioeconomic data comparing the tenants inhabiting these units with [&hellip
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Paterson Housing Plan

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Neither tenants nor landlords like governor’s proposed legislation By Dan Rivoli With the state’s rent stabilization laws set to expire next year, Gov. David Paterson announced a package of proposals that would change when landlords can charge market rate for regulated apartments. The package also addresses the uncertainty of how the Stuyvesant Town ruling on [&hellip
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