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I love you, I hate you, call me

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iStock_000001207968Small How one’s relationship with caregivers early in life impacts later behavior By Kristine Keller Downtown dating is like the root canal process—painful while you’re going through it but the end result leaves your sensory nerves feelin’ good. And sadly, there’s no quickie fix for that painful pearly white procedure. There is, on the other hand, [&hellip
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A Bachelor on Valentine’s Day

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Sean Lowe, star of ABC’s ‘The Bachelor,’ weighs in on everything from the ideal date to mistakes women make in their search for the perfect mate. By Angela Barbuti Sean Lowe will be alone this Valentine’s Day—but don’t feel bad for him just yet. The 29-year-old recently finished taping a season of ABC’s The Bachelor, [&hellip
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What’s Limerence Got to Do With It?

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Kristine-Keller How a shattered heart could lead to a debilitating aftermath by Kristine Keller These days, when a flame sputters and fades out, we’ve got an armful of friends ready to peel us off the floor with the margarita blender, limes and coconuts. You’ll do the proverbial dance around the blender while Jose Cuervo wafts through [&hellip
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Lady Smarts: How to Visit a Bar Alone

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beer book Sometimes a lady just wants to enjoy a glass of wine, some candlelight, and a little ambient activity without the bother of making plans or, quite frankly, conversation. Unfortunately, ever since Eve solo-drank her first Appletini and damned us all, visiting even the coziest bar alone and unbothered has become nearly impossible. Until now. So [&hellip
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The Protagonist: Train Reading is Almost Too Sexy to Handle

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joyce-746776 Alert the Mayor – it’s time for a new ban. Train reading has become way too sexy, according to my own “expert” analysis at least. The Protagonist interviewed several New Yorkers this week with the goal of better understanding the incredibly complex psychology behind the act of subway reading. Anticipating primarily tales of the embarrassment [&hellip
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Don’t Do As I Do, Manhattan Matchmaker Says

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E-Amy Laurent Author Photo Amy Laurent on her new book and TV show, Miss Advised By Beth Mellow On the rocky road to love, many of us are guilty of getting emotionally attached too quickly, drunk texting at 2 a.m. or letting an undeserving ex back into our lives. In the hopes of becoming smarter daters and finding “the [&hellip
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Street Shrink: Kristine Keller explores why the grass always looks better on the other side

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800px-Gras_im_Juni It’s not uncommon for strangers to incite impetuous conversations at any given moment. After all, there are many inscrutable bullet points that warrant discussion from someone who may know more and the desire for conversation becomes ever the most apparent when you begin to unfurl your Sunday newspaper. Like, does anyone have the crossword puzzle [&hellip
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Little Sheba Comes Back

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‘Darling Companion’s fetching marriages The bucolic look of Lawrence Kasdan’s Darling Companion is an indication of its fine sensibility. Kasdan evokes the natural, wooded landscape of Alfred Hitchcock’s idiosyncratic comedy The Trouble with Harry. The colors here are not autumnal nor quite as vibrant, yet Kasdan affects a similar tone of respite. His three harried [&hellip
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Puppy Love

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Several years ago, Sheryl Matthys noticed that it was much easier to meet people when accompanied by her 11-and-a-half-year-old greyhound, Shiraz. These conversations with other dog lovers during her walks on the streets of New York led her to start a series of “Leashes and Lovers” events that she has been hosting since 2003 all [&hellip
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