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East Side Parents Question New School Zoning Lines

Written by Megan Finnegan Bungeroth on . Posted in Education, News Our Town, Our Town

800px-Classroom As the Department of Education unveils a new school zoning plan for Midtown East, parents are scratching their heads and wondering how and why the lines have been drawn. The midtown district is undergoing a rezoning to accommodate a new zoned school, PS 281, which is currently being built on East 35th Street. The school [&hellip
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Redistricting Plan a Game of Mirrors

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Liz Krueger, Senator- D (NY) “Only a nonpartisan solution accurately reflects the voting publc,” – Liz Krueger by Liz Krueger Two years ago, I committed to vote against any redistricting plan unless it was developed through a nonpartisan redistricting process. I stand by that commitment, and not just because our current process is flawed. Not surprisingly, both houses’ majority parties [&hellip
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Could Prisons Factor Into Redistricting?

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By Chris Bragg A memo being circulated by Todd Breitbart, a Democratic redistricting attorney expert who has worked closely with the Senate Democrats, states that the proposed redistricting constitutional amendment released late last night would bring back prison-based gerrymandering. In 2010, the practice, which had counted prison inmates in the largely upstate communities where they [&hellip
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