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Now Take Them Out, Devils: Caitlin Rose & “Except Rap & Country”

Written by Simon Lazarus Vasta on . Posted in Music

“I like everything except Rap and Country.” God, is there a more phrase as simultaneously innocuous and incendiary as that one? It’s the pop music equivalent of “I’m not racist, but…;” a phrase oft repeated by the woefully underinformed and culturally stagnant when they want to appear more evolved than they actually are. By saying [&hellip
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Now Take Them Out, Devils: The 5 Best Moments of CMJ 2012, Part 2

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NTTOD.DIIV By Simon Lazarus Vasta Previously, on Now Take Them Out, Devils… And now, the exciting conclusion: 2. StageDIIVing @ Music Hall of Williamsburg By the time dreampop/shoegaze/new wave/post punk/critical darlings DIIV reached their encore (which consisted of early single “Geist” and a cover of Blank Dogs’ “No Compass”), the crowd belonged to them. Heck, the [&hellip
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