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He Just Doesn’t Have Any Balls

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squirrel balls By Rachel Khona Ever since that fateful episode of “Sex and the City”, when Berger says to Miranda “He’s not just into you,” I’ve questioned the validity of the statement “He’s just not that into you.” And why is the onus on the woman? On the contrary, what if he just doesn’t have any balls? [&hellip
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7 Pieces of Unexpected Romantic Wisdom from Ice-T & Coco

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Brad and Jen. Courtney and David. Nick and Jessica. And of course Kim and Kris. The examples of relationships gone bust are plentiful. In a culture where celebrity (and non-celebs for that matter) relationships implode faster than Michelle Bachman’s brain cells, Ice-T and Nicole “Coco” Austin’s decade plus marriage is something of an anomaly. One [&hellip
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Monica Crowley vs. Sandra Fluke: No sex for lesbians?

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By Rachel Khona When most people get engaged, it’s met with rounds of congratulatory remarks, hugs, and champagne. However when pro-birth control activist Sandra Fluke announced her engagement to longtime boyfriend Adam Mutterperl, conservative Fox News (shocker!) pundit Monica Crowley made like a 16-year-old and took to her Twitter account to react the news “To [&hellip
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Rachel Khona finds her personal cherry bomb in the form of a Stella McCartney heel

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It could be said that most people who move to New York do so for some greater purpose. Perhaps they fantasize about becoming a billionaire stockbroker and scoring a trophy wife, becoming the next Gisele Bündchen or simply achieving world domination. I came as many others before me did: to work in fashion
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