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Newtown Tragedy Evokes Calls for Gun Control from Local Politicians

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flickr-2914911278-hd In the immediate aftermath of the devastating and deadly elementary school shooting in Newtown, Conn., New York City elected officials lamented the deaths of so many young children and pointed to the tragedy in a cry for increased gun control legislation at the national level. Last Friday, a lone gunman, identified as 20-year-old Adam Lanza, [&hellip
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Two Maseratis Stolen in the City, Reminiscent of Blockbuster Film “Drive”

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There are some Maserati-loving thieves on the loose in the City, and they’ve gotten totally bold. (by Alissa Fleck) This week alone, two Maseratis have been filched from their respective owners, Gothamist reports. One case involved a recent Florida transplant to the City, who was driving his ritzy ride around Times Square at 5 a.m., [&hellip
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One Queensbridge Community Vigilante Knows How to Raise a Stink with Authorities

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Raymond Normandeau, press secretary of the Queensbridge Houses Tenants Council in Queens, was tired of the conditions in the Queensbridge housing project where he has lived since 1973, and decided it was time to engage in a little community activism. While he may no longer be a member of the Astoria ambulance corps (or small [&hellip
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City Council Members Plan to Launch CeaseFire Program

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There has undeniably been a spate of gun violence in New York City as of late. Council Speaker Christine Quinn and Councilmembers Fernando Cabrera and Jumaane Williams have announced their decision to launch the CeaseFire program, with the aim to reduce city gun violence. The CeaseFire program is a  “public health model designed to reduce [&hellip
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Is Wal-Mart Trying to Sweet Talk Their Way into a Queens Location?

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walmart By Paul Bisceglio   Goodbye “iron triangle,” hello Wal-Mart? The big-box chain has been working to establish its first New York City branch in Brooklyn’s Gateway II for over a year, and now the Daily News reports that Wal-Mart might also be looking to set up shop at Willets Point, the industrial neighborhood across from [&hellip
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Kidnapped Man Found in Police Detective’s Garage

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Via Wiki Commons by Adel Manoukian A kidnapped man was found inside a police detective’s garage in Queens this past Saturday. The victim was found after police traced a $75,000 ransom demand phone call to the Springfield Gardens home of 17-year NYPD veteran and member of a Brooklyn gang investigation unit, Ondre Johnson. There is not enough evidence [&hellip
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City Shooting Spikes and Heat Waves: Is There a Connection?

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Two are dead and six were wounded in shootings in the Bronx and Queens this past Sunday. These primarily drug-related shootings follow a long streak of summer violence, including a 3-year-old being struck with a stray bullet. The weekend following the Fourth of July saw seven deaths and 21 injuries from shootings and stabbing violence, [&hellip
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City Council Members Want to Double Fines on Electronic Bicycles

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FE.Electric.Bike_.Delivery.as2_1-300x200 City Council members Dan Garodnick and Jimmy Van Bramer yesterday called for legislation to double traffic violation fines for those riding electronic assisted bicycles. Even though the City Council overrode a mayoral veto to ban electronic bikes in 2004, both Garodnick and Van Bramer said at a press conference in Queens that motorists are still dangerously riding electronic bikes [&hellip
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