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Public Financing for Private Schools

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Grace Church School Under-the-radar agency helps exclusive schools raise hundreds of millions of dollars– all while public schools scramble A little-known program within the city’s Economic Development Corp. has become the chief vehicle by which private schools in Manhattan refinance their capital projects, funneling hundreds of millions of dollars to some of the priciest schools in the city. [&hellip
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Middle School Push as West Siders Go Back to School

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7260074834_53a4eb3048_o copy As students back their backpacks and get ready for the school year that will kick off next week, parents and education advocates are gearing up to fight the continuing battle for quality public school education on the Upper West Side. While the neighborhood, part of Community Education Council District 3, enjoys some top-notch public schools, [&hellip
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Sifting Through School Options— Public, Private, Charter and Parochial

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To ensure that a child growing up in the city gets a good education, parents really do have to turn themselves into educated consumers to learn their options and how to best assess them. We have four thriving educational sectors—public, private, charter and parochial—and they all have their pros and cons, rules and regulations. New [&hellip
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Caitlin Tremblay Explores The Other Side of The Student Debt Crisis

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By Caitlin Tremblay A lot has been said about the severity of the student loan debt crisis in the United States. Much of the discussion, however, has centered on the perils of overpriced private schools; schools like New York University, which jack up tuition rates when endowments don’t raise “enough” money and get cozy with [&hellip
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Parents in Public Schools

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It is the middle of July, and few New Yorkers are thinking about school these days—except, perhaps, up in Albany. That’s where the recently un-deadlocked Senate is slated to take up the Assembly’s school governance bill, which passed June 17, leaving mayoral control of schools fairly intact. Senate Dems have a few amendments they’re rumored [&hellip
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As the State Legislature negotiates renewing the bill that gives mayors power over New York’s school system, a recent report by the office of City Comptroller Bill Thompson charges that the Department of Education blocks input from public school parents. The report, “Powerless Parents,” focuses on Community Education Councils (CECs), as well as parent-teacher-student associations. [&hellip
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